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Power of Attorney

Matuszak Law Services

Simple Wills

Starting at $149.00

A will is a necessary estate planning instrument. While most people know what a will is, more than 75% of Americans die each year without a will. Don't let this happen to you! Schedule a consultation today and learn how easy it is to protect your assets and peace of mind. 

Document Consultation

Starting at $99.00

Our lives and circumstances change, and so do our needs when it comes to estate planning. Matuszak Law offers consultative meetings to discuss your current estate plan and whether it still fits your goals. We will meet with you and review any documents you have. Then, we will discuss any possible holes in your current plan and offer solutions on how to best protect you and your family.

Powers of Attorney

Starting at $99.00

What if the worst happens, and you become incapacitated. Have you discussed who will make medical and financial decisions for you when you cannot? Call today to discuss powers of attorney. They will save your family time and money should the unthinkable happen.

Asset Protection

We make sure that during our planning, we communicate with you at every step. This is important, because we need to have a clear picture of all of your assets so we can competently advise how to protect your assets within the scope of your plan.


Starting at $499.00

A trust can give beneficiaries immediate access to your assets in case of death or incapacitation. A well written and properly funded trust will avoid probate and allow you to be very clear about your wishes. Call today to discuss trusts and whether your estate would benefit from a trust.

Spendthrift Trusts

Starting at $499.00

A Spendthrift Trust is a particular trust that protects assets from the beneficiary and allows the trustee to distribute the corpus of the trust slowly to ensure that the beneficiary is well cared for and that the trust does not prematurely deplete. There are many reasons to set up a Spendthrift Trust. Call today to get the peace of mind that your family member will be cared for in the coming years and will not be able to deplete the trust quickly.

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