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Criminal issues are of the utmost importance, because your money, time and even freedom are on the line. In Tennessee, if you are convicted of a crime, you are subject to both fines and incarceration. Even the smallest criminal issues, if not handled properly, can result in jail time and fines. Also, people fail to consider their time spent in court and what multiple continuances and re-setting of hearings will do to their ability to work and earn a living.
Most people do not understand the legal system and are not equipped to protect their rights when in contact with law enforcement officers. You have a multitude of rights under both the Constitution of the United States of America and the Tennessee Constitution. However, during a legal arrest, the police only have to read you your "Miranda Rights" and only under certain circumstances. They will not tell you all of your rights and whether or not they have violated those rights. Always remember: if you are stopped by the police, the police are not your friends. They are allowed to lie to you. They are allowed to do almost anything to get you to incriminate yourself or others. You are under NO obligation to share ANY information with the police that may lead to your arrest.

If you are detained by the police and are concerned that your rights may be or have been violated, the only thing that you should say is "I want to speak to a lawyer." Hiring a lawyer is the best way to be sure that your rights are protected.

Too many times, people accused of crimes speak to the police and admit things that they shouldn't. Whether you or a loved one are accused of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, shoplifting, or something much more serious, it is important that you protect yourself by saying NOTHING to the police without an attorney present. 

If you have a case in criminal court, contact us IMMEDIATELY. That phone call or email could very well be the difference between a huge fine with jail time and getting your case dismissed.

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