There are several courts in Tennessee that hear civil cases. Civil cases are heard in General Sessions Court, Chancery Court, and Circuit Court, as well as various appellate courts.

Civil litigation can be very straightforward, such as an unpaid debt. Or, it can be immensely complicated, such as a contract dispute between corporations that operate in different states. In either scenario, an experienced attorney can help. Whether you need to sue your neighbor because a tree fell on your fence, or you want to sue the state for a constitutional violation, it is necessary to hire an attorney to be sure that you are getting the legal relief to which you are entitled.

Civil cases and civil litigation are governed by various rules in Tennessee. The Rules of Civil Procedure control most cases. However, each court adopts "local rules" that you also must be aware of and adhere to if you want to represent yourself. Also, in civil cases there are deadlines. If you miss filing a lawsuit by one day (or even one minute), you might lose the case for violating a statute of limitation or repose. 
A non-lawyer has almost no chance representing themselves, because they do not know the law and the rules. Pro-se litigants (people without lawyers) stand very little chance against a seasoned attorney, even if they are legally correct. Knowing the court, the rules, and procedure are necessary to navigate civil litigation. 

If you are owed money or think that you may have been wronged, there is an extremely easy way to find out. Call today for a free consultation to discuss your legal issue. 

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